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Thomas Hinds Media

Solo acoustic artist and poetic troubadour


Thomas Hinds is a singer/songwriter originally out of New Mexico, now residing in northern Georgia. He has been playing and writing since high school. The last few years has found Thomas out on the road working from coast to coast, playing an impressive mix of original songs that share the struggles of life, love, and finding one’s self within these melodies. The covers he chooses fit in nicely with his voice and demeanor onstage, always tinged with a silvery hue and inspiring to never give up, no matter how the world around us appears to be.

Thomas is currently working on the next independent release, due out in autumn of 2021. He is continuously working on new material as well as new covers that mean something to him and touch his soul. Thomas spent most of 2019 on the road crisscrossing the US. With his catalog of originals and ever increasing covers, he has been welcomed back to venues time and again. Hinds' first album, Ghosts and Lamentations, was released in 2015. Then in late 2017, he released an EP entitled Barbwire Bouquet with two songs recorded with Jono Manson, “Keep On” and a reworked “Favorite Hello” that was originally on Ghosts and Lamentations. According to Jeffrey Foucault, the EP Barbedwire Bouquet "showed a lot of growth in the songwriting." Resurrection Road is his third independent release, recorded at Kitchen Sink Studios in Santa Fe, New Mexico with Jono once again behind the board. On this release Thomas takes a step towards solidifying a writing style reminiscent of Ray Lamontagne and Steve Earl. Those influences, along with Thomas’ own unique voice, are deeply woven into the fabric of each of the songs on this stripped-down collection of thirteen tracks that allow the songs to speak for themselves as they offer a glimpse at the bones of the stories that inspire each track.

After relocating to his home now in Georgia, Thomas has found fertile ground for growing and solidifying his voice among some amazing talented musicians. He has started 2021 by playing regionally in Georgia, Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Alabama, and Mississippi. Be sure to catch a show if he is in your area and let family and friends know to make a point of seeing him and saying hello. Always keeping an eye out for new places to play, contact him regarding hosting a house concert or playing a venue looking for an original artist along his route.

Thomas wrote a book filled with Poetry & Prose published on September 17, 2020 titled "In the Details" now available for purchase on Amazon. For a limited time only, signed copies of the book are also available direct from Thomas via PayPal. Buy Now via PayPal


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